Vendor Management

Managing vendors can be quite a feat, especially in the hospitality industry. With so many vendors to balance, tracking payments and filing paperwork can become a daunting task. cPayPlus's features give you peace of mind.

  • Vendor enablement. Each property customer may have hundreds of unique vendor relationships. The task of enabling vendors for electronic payment, validating bank account information and keeping the information secure can be a daunting proposition. Our system automates the vendor management and simplifies your job as a management company.
  • Payment Tracking cPayPlus tracks payments so you know when your vendors receive funds. Bid farewell to hours and hours of work reconciling individual property bank accounts.
  • Automatic Transfer Waiting for checks to clear is a thing of the past. Automatic transfers make payments fast and simple.
  • Visibility & Reporting The cPayPlus payment portal tracks the status of vendor payments in real time and provides management up to date snapshots of vendor payments by property or across all properties.

Multi-Property Management

No matter how many locations or accounts your customers have, our product can ensure that vendors get paid and accounts are reconciled independently. Most solutions don’t recognize the independent nature of the properties you manage. The cPayPlus payment portal was designed to service the unique requirements of management companies’ unique fiscal responsibilities.

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The hospitality industry has a lot of moving parts. From vendor management to juggling the budgets of multiple branches, you already have a lot to balance. cPayPlus makes everything easier by increasing automation and removing paperwork from the equation. Get your consultation today and give yourself a break.

Service Partners

MVB Bank

MVB Bank provides innovative cash management services for cPayPlus customers to fully enable our full service payments solution.

WEX Corporate Payments

cPayPlus integrates our comprehensive managed payables services with WEX's industry leading corporate card issuance capabilities.

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cPayPlus not only helps you save money and time, but we also help you enter the next stage of your business’s financial future. If we get started today, you can pay your bills electronically in days.  There is no need to change your systems, or processes or disrupt your vendors. Simply sign up and stop printing checks. We’ll get you fully onboarded in 3 days and implement your payments before your next “check run.”