Vendor Engagement

Issuing checks to all of your vendors and reconciling open checks to your bank can rob you of a lot of valuable time. cPayPlus helps you get that time back.

Not only does our product save you time & money, we simplify how you manage your vendors. When you choose cPayPlus, you choose a company that doesn’t just work with you. We work for you.

  • Vendor onboarding. When you pay a bill through the cPayPlus system, we will help your vendors with the onboarding process so they can receive your online payment. You don’t have to lift a finger.
  • Sensitive vendor payment preferences. Your organization isn’t equipped to gather vendor bank information, validate that information for security, securely store that information, and keep it all up to date. cPayPlus is the tool that does all of that work for your organization.
  • Vendor engagement. If your vendors have questions about how we work, our incredible team of customer service specialists is available to help them each step of the way.

Building relationships with your vendors is as important to us as it is to you. That is why it is our commitment to make the transition as painless as possible.

Level Up Your Payments

Doing more with less, with strict requirements can be particularly difficult in the education field. cPayPlus provides you the tools to follow strict guidelines efficiently—and it’s all eco-friendly.

  • Automated payments.The school’s finance department spends too much time reconciling outstanding checks and researching payments for vendors. Switching to electronic payments with enhanced remittance detail simplifies the process for schools and your vendors.

  • One-stop-shop. With reporting, vendor management, and payments all in one place, cPayPlus is your one-stop-shop for vendor payments.

Get Started Today

We care about your place of learning. To make sure that you get the most out of your budget, cPayPlus will take on the jobs that take up so much of your time: talking to vendors, tracking down payments, and keeping vendor records up to date. Let’s take a step into the future—together.

Service Partners

MVB Bank

MVB Bank provides innovative cash management services for cPayPlus customers to fully enable our full service payments solution.

WEX Corporate Payments

cPayPlus integrates our comprehensive managed payables services with WEX's industry leading corporate card issuance capabilities.

Get Started Today

cPayPlus not only helps you save money and time, but we also help you enter the next stage of your business’s financial future. If we get started today, you can pay your bills electronically in days.  There is no need to change your systems, or processes or disrupt your vendors. Simply sign up and stop printing checks. We’ll get you fully onboarded in 3 days and implement your payments before your next “check run.”