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Corporate payables automation can benefit businesses in any industry, including:

  • Manufacturers.
  • Distributors.
  • Retailers.
  • Home services.
  • Technology companies.

If you are ready to spend less time on vendor payables and more time focusing on your business, you are ready for full service, managed payables. Take a step into the future with cPayPlus. We promise you’ll see the difference.

Simplified Payables

Payables departments spend a lot of time signing & mailing checks, reconciling bank accounts, and taking calls from vendors to research payments. cPayPlus simplifies the way your company makes payments, reconciles them, and the way you interact with your vendors.

By automating payments with cPayPlus, your business is able to send vendor payments, reconcile them immediately and gain full visibility of current status.

Best of all: cPayPlus Basic is free to use.

Comprehensive Vendor Payments

Many business bill pay solutions have suggested to businesses to “turn their accounts payable department into a revenue generator” for several years. Mostly, they’ve insisted businesses adopt credit card payment methods without regard to their overall payables needs. It has been the equivalent of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

cPayPlus recognizes that a true business bill pay solution needs to solve for all vendor payables, not just a fraction that may accept credit cards. In addition, simplifying vendor payables means not requiring customers to adopt different processes for each payment method.

Customizable Payment Systems

  • File Upload: The simplest form is to allow businesses to upload a simple excel file to the cPayPlus portal. With this integration, a new customer can go from old school, in house check print payables to cPayPlus automated bill payment in one day.
  • FTP Batch: With cPayPlus file mapping tool, a business customer can export a payables file from their accounting system and send via batch to cPayPlus for processing.
  • API & Webhook integration: All of cPayPlus functionality has been enabled via our API’s & webhooks for companies that want to build full scale payables functionality into their complimentary systems.

With a custom integration, your staff, your customers, and your vendors can look forward to a seamless interaction with an interface designed specifically for your business.

No matter what your payment needs are, cPayPlus has a solution that works for you.

Service Partners

MVB Bank

MVB Bank provides innovative cash management services for cPayPlus customers to fully enable our full service payments solution.

WEX Corporate Payments

cPayPlus integrates our comprehensive managed payables services with WEX's industry leading corporate card issuance capabilities.

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cPayPlus not only helps you save money and time, but we also help you enter the next stage of your business’s financial future. If we get started today, you can pay your bills electronically in days.  There is no need to change your systems, or processes or disrupt your vendors. Simply sign up and stop printing checks. We’ll get you fully onboarded in 3 days and implement your payments before your next “check run.”