How We Can Help Your Dealership

You don’t pay your personal bills with a check, why pay your dealership’s bills with a check?

Control - Your dealership payments have to be approved; cPayPlus has you covered, our system enables up to 2 step approval process before your vendors are paid. You don’t have the resources or time to verify vendor bank account information or keep it secure; cPayPlus provides full service account validation and verification and keeps vendor bank information up to date and secure.

Automated - Many dealerships make electronic payments or use a credit card to pay many of their vendor payments, but have to manually transfer funds or have to do double work to reconcile the credit card statement after the fact. cPayPlus automatically enables electronic payment transfers via ACH or credit card and automates the reconciliation to your DMS.

DMS Compatibility

cPayPlus knows how important it is for our product to work with your dealership management system (DMS). That is why we make sure all automobile dealerships are equipped with an easy-to-use, DMS-compatible integration of our automated payment system.

Financial Tools

With cPayPlus, you have a plethora of financial tools at your fingertips. Information that was once kept in folders and filing cabinets is now in one accessible program. Plus, you’ll have access to insights you never had before.

  • Full reconciliation. No longer do you have to wait weeks or months for a vendor to cash a check, payments are reconciled at the time they are initiated. cPayPlus makes it easy to reconcile digitally, saving your business’s precious time.
  • Increased Control. With built-in two-level approval, expenditures can be kept in check by multiple parties. The cPayPlus system enables separation of duties, vendor bank account validation, and full positive pay functionality for check payments.
  • Automatic transfers. There is no searching for outstanding checks with cPayPlus. Transfers are automatic to put your mind at ease and keep your books up-to-date.
  • Payment tracking. Our product tracks payments to make sure they are received and redeemed. No longer is there any question whether a bill was paid, as the cPayPlus portal tracks payments and reports status in real time.
  • Information Security. Keep vendor information updated & secure. If you want to pay a vendor electronically, you no longer have to worry about whether your vendor has changed their banking information or worry about securely storing their banking information.

Technology Partners

DMS Partner

cPayPlus can simplify, streamline, and automate electronic payments to your various vendors and suppliers from within the CDK dealer management system.

DMS Partner

cPayPlus is a payment method that can be selected for vendors within your DealerBuilt DMS. When selected for a vendor, you're vendor payments are automated.

DMS Partner

Turn on the cPayPlus API's in Dealertrack DMS, process invoices as normal, and we'll handle the payments.

Business Payments Network

Through cPayPlus’ participation in Billtrust’s Business Payments Network (BPN), you can automate and streamline the delivery of electronic B2B payments to a vast network of suppliers, distributors, and vendors.

AP Automation

PN3 builds electronic purchase authorization workflows that comply with your organization’s spending policies and integrate with cPayPlus' automated AP capabilities to offer compliant and paperless outbound payments.

AP Automation

CloudX's state of the art AP Smart automation tool, AP Smart, combined with cPayPlus' payment automation provides customers with end to end AP optimization.

Spend Smarter

Divvy Bill Pay helps you pay invoices, without actually writing any checks, and offers a real-time view of spending within budgets.

Get Started Today

cPayPlus not only helps you save money and time, but we also help you enter the next stage of your business’s financial future. If we get started today, you can pay your bills electronically in days.  There is no need to change your systems, or processes or disrupt your vendors. Simply sign up and stop printing checks. We’ll get you fully onboarded in 3 days and implement your payments before your next “check run.”