Who we've Helped

Corporate Payables

Manufacturers, distributors, retailers, home services & technology companies have all experienced the benefits of our integrations & streamlined bill payment.

Automobile Dealerships

With two-level approval and full reconciliation, our system is to use with any DMS.

Hospitality Management

Seamlessly manage vendor payments from multiple properties and bank accounts.

HOA Management

We deliver the value to the management company so you can deliver more to your communities.


Whether you manage a school of K-12 or higher education, we deliver more value by maximizing the engagement of your vendors.

Go Green

You’d be surprised how many businesses still receive paper invoices, process them manually, put the checks in the mail, and wait for checks to clear the bank. What about electronic payments? They've been around for over 40 years. Companies generally have separate processes for making electronic payments that are very inefficient. cPayPlus is breaking this outdated ritual and ushering a simpler process into businesses future.

Paperwork is slow and expensive, and older electronic payment methods are outdated and inefficient. Thankfully, there is an easier way! cPayPlus makes electronic payments easy via online processing.

It’s green. It’s fast. It’s affordable.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • “I have partnered with cPayPlus at two companies now. In the first company, cPayPlus was able to get 3x the vendor enrollments in the first 90 days that my prior banking partner had struggled to get over 2 years. The impressive aspect of this was that my team received no unhappy phone calls from vendors. cPayPlus exceeded all expectations. As a result of this experience they were the first partner I called upon arriving at my new company. They again demonstrated their customer focus and greatly enhanced my teams productivity and performance.”

    Tom Klemp - CFO

    Continental Battery

  • “We have developed solutions that are designed specifically for Property Managers.  So, when looking for a partner to provide vendor payment solutions, it was important to find a partner that would collaborate to provide a solution that meets the needs of our property management clients.  cPayPlus has been that partner.  Their API’s, webhooks, and accompanying documentation, are complete, robust, and made it easy to integrate a full-service vendor payments solution to our clients.  In addition, their tech support and customer service have been extraordinary.”

    Alex Delgado - President

    Grid Systems

  • “The team at cPayPlus was fantastic to work with.  They are extremely responsive and worked with us to complete the integration into our DMS accounting product as quickly as possible.  Our mutual clients were up and running and processing their payments digitally with no interruption.”

    Shaun Hoffman - Product Manager


  • “The move to cPayPlus for payment automation has been an absolute win for our company.  We spend less time and money processing vendor payments, the payment interface is simple and intuitive, and customer service has been outstanding.   Our implementation involved significant custom development in order to interface with some very rigid and specific requirements from our accounting software provider and the cPayPlus team worked through every issue to ensure a successful outcome.  We are very pleased with our move to cPayPlus.”

    Jake McClellan - CFO

    InGroup Hospitality

  • “cPayPlus is a service that is affordable, saves us time, removes pain from our process and we receive great customer service.  We no longer need to purchase checks, envelopes or postage to pay bills.  We no longer spend time issuing or mailing checks, logging onto websites to pay bills, tracking down open payments, or holding lengthy conversations with our vendors.  They do it all for us.”

    Gelaine Halverson - CFO

    H&H Automotive

    Get Started Today

    cPayPlus not only helps you save money and time, but we also help you enter the next stage of your business’s financial future. If we get started today, you can pay your bills electronically in days.  There is no need to change your systems, or processes or disrupt your vendors. Simply sign up and stop printing checks. We’ll get you fully onboarded in 3 days and implement your payments before your next “check run.”